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We keen to offer best Islamic services and financial tools for our clients, in order to allow them to select the best choice from our list of products and services to meet their aspiration.

Meeting Customer Requirements for Rescheduling Debts

Rescheduling For New Lending Service

This service will meet the customers’ requirements for closing...

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Repayment Of External Debit Service

Meets customers’ requirements for closing current debit at other...

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Step by Step.. Own Your Dream House!

Real Estate Finance

Provides its customers the ability to purchase real estates they...

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Financing Furniture And Home Appliances

One of the biggest markets that KFH caters to through offering...

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Construction Materials

Meets all the requirements of clients regarding constructions and...

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The opportunity to receive medical care in the most famous hospitals and clinics

Prestigious Hospitals And Specialized Clinics

First installment is due after 6 months. No salary transfer to the bank is necessary. Installments for up to 5 years. Financing for up to KD 15,000.


Shouldering life’s obligations to meet your needs and academic aspirations

The Unprecedented Product In Kuwait

The product finances the fees of universities, schools, or specialized education institutions, through monthly installments. The product is Shariah compliant.


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