Finance New Cars

When our client wishes to buy a new car they will find all options at KFH car exhibition. They can choose their preferred model from a wide selection of various brands and agents available under one roof, with flexible financial solutions.

"AL Momtaza" Used Cars

Used cars offered for our clients are carefully selected brand new like cars, with short mileages and regularly maintained by the agent.

Used cars "Corporate and Individuals"

The automobiles financing service from commercial offices and individuals is one of the main services provided by Kuwait Finance House (KFH) for its valued customers. This service caters for customers’ needs of the commercial and used cars for all types and sizes, whether these cars are new or used, either available in commercial offices or individuals.

Operating lease

This service gives you the opportunity to ride a brand new car of your choice from different models and colors for the period you will.

Boats, bikes and land and marine equipment

The Boat, Land and Marine Equipment financing service is one of the main services provided by Kuwait Finance House (KFH) to its customers to meet their demands of various products including boats, machinery and marine equipment, of all types and sizes, in addition to the financing of boats’ spare parts, accessories and other marine supplies and everything related to their maintenance, whether new or used, both either available with companies or individuals.

Financing Your Car Abroad from “KFH”

Car financing service outside Kuwait, it the services offered by Kuwait Finance House (KFH) to his clients

Used cars - service of Car valuation.

The car valuation is one of multiple services provided by Kuwait Finance House (KFH). Benefiting from this service, customers can sell a vehicle without the need to buy another one.

Display your car at KFH showrooms

Trust sale product (Display your car at KFH showrooms) is one of multiple services provided by Kuwait Finance House`s showrooms distributed in different locations in Kuwait. Through this service, the customer authorizes KFH to sell the vehicle through the available sales channels.


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